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My ER visit (SVT)

I went to the ER on Sunday, June 8th around 2 or 2:30 P.M.What prompted this was my heart “shifted into high gear” and started beating super fast. Just a little background, my heart has done this before, but not quite … Continue reading

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Update – 4/26/14

(Originally written on 4/26/14) Hello.I haven’t updated in a while honestly because there’s so much going on in my personal life. My mother’s having to move and now another family member is probably (read likely) to have to move. On … Continue reading

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Esperanto Blog Update

A while back I created a blog that was to be dedicated to my study of the language Esperanto. I have now closed it. Reason being is that I found somewhere else to blog that’s designed for language learners.This place … Continue reading

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Clinique & Merle Norman!

Hi everyone. On Friday the third (of this month) me and my mom went to our local mall. She was nice enough to buy me some makeup. 🙂 (She bought herself some makeup too.) First we went to Clinique because … Continue reading

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Update! – Sick of being sick! :(

Hi everyone!So um where to start. Me and my husband just recently got over being sick.It was not fun let me tell you.Aside from that, both of my cats were sick as well.Tigger was the most recent one of us to be … Continue reading

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Manga Mini-Haul!

Hi everyone! Surprise (mini) haul! I say surprise because, I totally forgot that I still had credit left at one of my local used book stores. Once I realized this, I went there and got these! It’s volumes 18-20 of … Continue reading

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Ulta Haul

Hi everyone! Recently I went to Ulta to get in on some of their recent sales. Here’s what I got: This bag came with the 5 items below. It was part of a deal to get selected items 5 for … Continue reading

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