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About Me:

Hello!/こんにちは!I’m WhiteCherry5! My real name is Heather or ヘザー in Japanese. I’m from and grew up in the Southern United States. Specifically South Carolina. Never really traveled far or much. I am a High School graduate. I’m an otaku & I love my husband and 2 cats. =^_^= I’m also a Christian. My interests include: cats, cute things, reading books &  manga, watching anime, TV & movies & playing video games. I love just about every kind of music. My favorite musical artist’s are: Yoko Ishida, HIMEKA, Bryan Adams, 2ne1, 빅뱅 (BIGBANG), Sasaki Sayaka, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, Masami Okui, Ceui, Takanori Nishikawa of T.M.Revolution & Abingdon Boys School, Hyde of L’Arc-en-Ciel, 소녀시대/SNSD/Girls Generation, 조규천 (jogyucheon),  Lady Gaga & Jennifer Lopez! Aside from all that, I would like to learn to cook more. My favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and pizza! (^o^)b I’m currently studying Japanese on my own & would love to take a college course to help with that. I hope to visit Japan someday. Thank you./ ありがとうございます。

About My Username:

My username -“White Cherry” comes from the original series of .hack games. It’s a type of grunty food. (Grunties are animals you feed and raise. They also, by riding them, let you travel faster) Oh, & 5? 5 is my favorite number.

For more info on Grunties, check out this YouTube video:
Let’s Play .hack//OUTBREAK Part 23 Sigma Grunties

Or this short article: “Grunty

If you want to see an official pic of the White Cherry grunty food, click here.

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