Esperanto Blog Update

A while back I created a blog that was to be dedicated to my study of the language Esperanto.
I have now closed it.
Reason being is that I found somewhere else to blog that’s designed for language learners.
This place is called Lang-8.

My plans now are to use my lang-8 blog to practice.
Then I will use this blog to post updates regarding my progress.
I also plan to use lang-8 and this blog in the same way for my Japanese studies. 

I have now added Esperanto and Japanese as categories on the right hand side. 
This will make it easier to find my language related posts.

Originally, I was going to post this before I deleted my Esperanto blog.
Unfortunately, I was sick with a particularly bad sinus cold for several weeks.
For a while, I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. 
So, that’s my reason for the lack of updates/new posts.
I’m all better now though. Hence the update. 🙂

I’ve got a couple of new posts I’m working on that’ll be coming soon.
One is a beauty haul post and the other is about my nails.

Stay tuned for those. 
Thank you so much for reading.

Till next time.


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