Clinique & Merle Norman!

Hi everyone.
On Friday the third (of this month) me and my mom went to our local mall.
She was nice enough to buy me some makeup. 🙂
(She bought herself some makeup too.)
First we went to Clinique because they were doing an event type thing.
It was where if  you tried on at least one type of makeup you would receive one of their Quickliner Intense for free.
There was a choice of Intense Charcoal, Plum or Ivy.
I chose the  (05) Charcoal and my mother chose Ivy, but was given Charcoal by accident. 😦
Me and my mother both kinda wished we’d chosen plum after the fact. 
Note: There was no purchase required to get the Intense Quickliner.
The makeup that my mom bought me was:
and my shade is (2) Alabaster
The other thing that I got was concealer.
Specifically it was:
My shade is (01) Light Neutral
What I got to try out was their new CC cream in the shade Light.
Now let me first say that I usually don’t care for liquid foundations, but I was impressed by this one.
I even wondered about the coverage because of  the comparison to their BB cream on their website.
(Click on BB or CC. Which one’s for you? And you’ll see the comparison.)
The website claims that the BB cream has better coverage so I had my doubts.
But, when I put the CC cream on face and under my eyes. I was super impressed. The coverage was great.
Especially, under my eyes. I have horrendous dark circles due to having allergy eyes.
After that, I wanted to go to the Chanel counter and try out their bronzer called Soleil Tan De Chanel or Bronze Universal.
I  was not really impressed.
However, I think the problem for me was that my skin tone is just too fair.
There’s only one shade of Bronze Universal and it’s pretty light.
So, after the lady applied it I just couldn’t see much of a difference.
(I don’t have very much experience using bronzers by the way.)
After that, we went to Merle Norman.
I love Merle Norman makeup. It’s awesome.
If I remember right my mother bought foundation, an eyeshadow, and blush.
And since they are having a gift with purchase going on right now she got that too.
Again my mom was super nice to give me the gift with purchase.
The only thing she kept was the Miracol Creamy Formula Revitalizing Cream which is a mask.
The other items were:
A bronzer! Remember that other bronzer I’d just tried?
I like this one so much better.
This one is called Pool Side.
Next is:
It’s basically a chapstick.
It smells amazing.
It smells like vanilla and it’s super smooth.
It’s awesome and I love it.
And the last item is:
Their Lip Polish in the shade Modern Princess.
It’s a bit too pink for me, but I’ll still wear it anyway. 🙂
So, that’s all that came in the gift with purchase.
Just today, I went to RiteAid and picked up a lipstick for two bucks!
It is Revlon Color Stay Soft & Smooth.
I got #220 Smooth Coffee
I know the lighting isn’t that great but here’s a swatch.
It’s a really nice bronzy brown shade.
However it turned out a little dark for me, but it worked out okay when I used a light hand.
It is what it says too. Soft & Smooth.
It went on well and felt good on.
Yeah, I had to get some new lipstick because my Clinique Tenderheart is almost gone. 😦
I love that shade by the way. It’s a great nude color with a little bit of brown to it.
Till next time!~
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