Update! – Sick of being sick! :(

Hi everyone!

So um where to start. 

Me and my husband just recently got over being sick.

It was not fun let me tell you.

Aside from that, both of my cats were sick as well.
Tigger was the most recent one of us to be sick and it was very brief. It was only for one day.
Spooky, on the other hand, had a terrible time with her poor tummy.
She’s had this problem once before.
The first incident and this one had their differences though.

The first time this happened, which was a few years ago, she had vomiting.
It was extreme because nothing would stop it. We kept taking her to the vet and trying different medications until finally one worked.

This time she had the vomiting but it started off not as bad.
It obviously progressed until it was. The difference this time was the diarrhea.

Last time it took three visits to vet before she got well.
This time it took just one. 🙂

I thought her illness was caused by the fattiness in some treats that I gave her.
The vet however didn’t think this was solely to blame.
She recommended a new diet though.
She wanted her to have something that had would aid in digestion.
She adjusted to this new diet with lightning speed.
Tigger is on this new diet as well.
They both love it.

Now all of us are well and I’m so glad.

Thanks for reading.
Till next time.
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