Ulta Haul

Hi everyone!
Recently I went to Ulta to get in on some of their recent sales.
Here’s what I got:
This bag came with the 5 items below.
It was part of a deal to get selected items 5 for $10.
They threw in the cute flower bag for free.

The color of this polish is called Brownette.
It’s beautiful.
It’s brown with lots of copper.
It comes out more of a pinkish copper on the nails.

So that wraps up the items that were 5 for $10.
Below is a huge case of makeup that I got for $20.00.
It was on sale from $25.00 

*Sorry about the glare*
This set comes with:
8 palettes each designed to give you a different look.
3 dual tipped sponge applicators

3 Brushes including:
A blush brush
an eyeshadow brush &
a sponge tipped brush/applicator

2 double sided (pencil) eyeliners in:
Deep Brown – Black &

3 mini lip glosses in:
Flirtini – a neutral pink
Sweet – Pink &
Poppy – Pink/Red
last of  all it comes with an item that looks very much like a wallet.
The “wallet” was designed to hold 1 of the 8 palettes, has a mirror & space to hold 4 more items from this set!

Honestly, this set is awesome. You get so many colors and shades of eyeshadows and blushes. 
The best thing about this set is that it’s so easy to grab your make-up and go. 
If you’re interested in this set I’ve provided the link below. 🙂
That wraps it up for this haul.
Thanks for reading!
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