Originally published 9/2/12
Don’t you just hate it when you have misunderstandings with people?
This post is about a specific person that I will not name. There really wouldn’t be much point in naming this person here anyway.
In regards to this person, I feel like I’ve never been understood. Like I’ve been made to feel like some sort of outcast. Not even of this Earth. I’m not kidding. It really hurts. This person doesn’t seem to care as much about the damage they deal as much as their point, or statement they want to make. Meanwhile, I’m left to tend to my wounds, while attempting to be heard. Such a very futile effort that is. I can never be right or make a counter point to this person. I guess this makes me some kind of liar. It’s so frustrating and draining and always hurtful. I don’t think that this person will ever truly grasp the truth off their actions and mindset. All I want is for this person to stop hurting me the same ways over and over again. Getting this person to change isn’t up to me though. It’s up to God. That is the one thing I can do. I can always hope that one day God can get through to this person, finally resulting in a true change.
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