The Birthday Post

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. I’ve been SUPER busy over the past week or so. I started a massive cleaning project in the house. I had to do something to try to alleviate my allergies and I knew cleaning wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 Now that it’s been a few days since I started, I can definitely tell a difference. My allergies are still giving me problems, but at least it’s not as bad as it was.

Aside from that, I helped with the planning for mine and my (fraternal) twin brothers’ birthday party. The party was this past Sunday, but our actual birthday was on Wednesday.

I conducted a poll here on my WordPress blog as to whether or not to start reviewing manga. The votes are in and the answer is yes! So since my readers would like to see that, that’s what I’m gonna do. 🙂 I’m not sure when the first review will be so stay tuned. As to which manga I want to review first? I already know the answer to that. The first title I will review will be: Someday’s Dreamers: Spellbound. I currently only have the first 3 volumes of this 5 volume series. Since I don’t own the whole series I debated as to if it should be chosen for my first review. I decided I will just review the three volumes I have and update the post later after I’ve read the final two volumes.

Enjoy the following pics and see what I got for my birthday!:

S7303427 S7303429 S7303432 S7303433 S7303436 S7303439 S7303441 S7303442

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