Combined Used Bookstore Haul

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post. (^-^)/
So as the title suggests this is two hauls combined.
All the books came from the same store on two separate visits.
It’s a mix, but I’m listing the manga first.
So, without further ado, here’s what I got!

  • Oh My Goddess! vol.29 Story and art by, Kosuke Fujishima
  • Ultra Cute vol.7 Story and art by, Nami Akimoto
  • Kazan vol.2 Story and art by, Gaku Miyao
  • The Earl & the Fairy vol.1 Story and art by, Ayuko Original concept by, Mizue Tani
  • Return of the Black Stallion by, Walter Farley
  • Pine Hollow vol.3 “Reining In” by, Bonnie Bryant
  • The Saddle Club vol.5 “Trailmates” by, Bonnie Bryant
  • The Saddle Club vol.6 “Dude Ranch” by, Bonnie Bryant
  • The Saddle Club – Special Edition vol.7 “Christmas Treasure” by, Bonnie Byrant
  • The Lord of the Rings vol.3 “Return of the King” by, J.R.R. Tolkien

That’s everything…I think (^-^;)
Anyway, I hope I haven’t included a title that I’ve already posted in the past. I don’t think I did.
I was so happy to find Kazan because I think that series is hard to come by.
I was also very lucky to find a new series such as The Earl & the Fairy, and it was vol.1! Amazing! Getting that one made me very happy. (^–^)

Then there’s the books concerning horses.
I think I’ve mentioned in the past on my WordPress blog how much I love books (and movies) about horses.
I think I also mentioned that The Saddle Club series is my favorite YA series about horses.
Lastly, I was absolutely ecstatic to find Return of the King. Specifically that version (see picture below). Reason being, is that my original copy (same version) was borrowed and never returned. Aragorn is probably my favorite character from the series so I was happy to finally have another copy with him on the cover.
So, that is it for now.
A general update post is coming soon.
Thanks for reading!
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