Hi everyone!~

One of the things I brought up in my last update was the idea of posting pics of the covers of Shojo Beat Magazine. I’ve obviously started doing that. I am unsure, however, when I will start the “plushie” series. Stay tuned for that. One thing I did recently was I updated the “About Me” page. I’ve added links regarding the musical artists I like. I’ve also added a section all about my username. If you’ve ever wondered what’s up with that crazy sounding username, now you can find out! I’ve also added a “My Links” section as well. Check it out if you’re interested. 😉

Other stuff….hmm, well…I’ve got a haul post coming soon as well as my anime list, and a list of the anime OST’s that I own. So please look forward to it. All of that should be posted by the end of next week! Yay!

(Please excuse the horrid mess that is my room) XD

I already posted this on Twitter but I’ll put it here too. I won’t be able to post “regularly” on Twitter until I get a new computer or smartphone. (T_T) Oh well, what can you do? I’m also continuing my job search as well. I don’t know about you but I hate looking for a new job. It’s so stressful. The path ahead for me is very unclear. It’s just so frustrating. I know I will be able to find a way to proceed with getting a job and going to college (for the 1st time). I’m just unsure how it all will end up playing out. I wish I knew now so I could cheat. XD I’m just kidding, I know that would defeat the point. 😉

That’s all for this update! Till next time!~

Thanx so much for reading!


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