My Manga List

First are the English translated titles.

Japanese manga are listed below that along with art books, magazines, film comics, light novels, etc.

The Japanese titles are first written in romaji (if needed), then translated.


+Anima vol.1-7 & 10(of 10)
.hack//G.U.+ vol.1(of 5)
.hack//Legend of the Twilight vol.1-3(complete)
.hack//xxxx vol.1(of 2)
Ai Yori Aoshi vol.17(ONLY vol.17 of 17)
Alice the 19th vol.1-7(complete)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (one-shot)
Angel/Dust (one-shot)
Angel/Dust Neo (one-shot)
Aqua vol.1 & 2(complete)
Aquarium (one-shot)
Aria (ADV Printing) vol.1-3
Aria (Tokyopop Printing) vol.1 (of 11)
Be With You (one-shot)
Beauty Pop vol.1-5(of 10)
Brigadoon vol.1-2(complete)
Call Me Princess (one-shot)
Canon vol.1 & 2(of 4)
Cannon God Exxaxion vol.1 & 2
Captive Hearts vol.1(of 5)
Chi’s Sweet Home vol.1
Chibi Vampire vol.1-6(of 14)
Cowa (one-shot)
Disgaea (one-shot)
Disgaea2 vol.1
Dr. Slump vol.1-7(of 18)
Dragon Ball VIZ Big edition vol.1(of 5)
Dragon Ball Z VIZ Big edition vol.3(of 9)
Dream Saga vol.1-5(complete)
El Hazard vol.1 & 2(of 3)
Flower of Life vol.3(of 4)
Fruits Basket vol.1-20(of 23)
Full Moon O Sagashite vol.1-7(complete)
Garden Dreams (one-shot)
Gimmick! vol.1(of 9)
Gunsmith Cats Omnibus vol.1-4(complete)
Gunsmith Cats:Burst vol.1-3(of 5)
Hana-Kimi vol.1-23(complete)
Hibiki’s Magic vol.1 & 2(of 2 released in the U.S.)
High School Debut vol.1-5 & 7(of 13)
Imadoki vol.1-5(complete)
ION (one-shot)
Kamen Tantei vol.1-4(complete)
Kamikaze Girls (one-shot)
Kaze Hikaru vol.1
Key Princess Story: Eternal Alice Rondo vol.1-3(of 4)
King of Thorn vol.1(of 6)
Kodocha vol.1-10(complete)
K-on vol.1-2
Love*Com or Lovely Complex vol.1-6(of 17)
Love Hina vol.1-14(complete)
Lucky Star vol.1
Magical x Miracle vol.1-6(complete)
Magical Pokemon Journey vol.1(of 6-in America & 10 in Japan)
Man of Many Faces vol.1 & 2(complete)
Mamotte Shugogetten or (Guardian Angel Getten) (Tokyopop Omnibus) vol.1(of 10)
Mars vol.1-15(of 15) & Gaiden: The Horse with no Name (one-shot prequel)
Merupuri vol.1 & 3 -4(of 4)
Metal Guardian Faust (one-shot)
Mink vol.1-6(complete)
Mobile Police Patlabor vol.1(of 2 released in the U.S.)
Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole du ciel vol.1
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing vol.1-3(complete)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Blind Target (one-shot)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero (one-shot)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Ground Zero (one-shot)
Monkey High! vol.1 & 2 (of 8)
Night of the Beasts vol.1-4(of 6)
Nightmare Inspector: Yumekui Kenbun vol.1 & 2(of 9)
No Need For Tenchi! (Old Format) vol.1 & 7(of12)
Oh My Goddess! vol.1-4 & 21-27 & 29
Oh My Goddess! 4-panel comic Mini-Goddess Collection
One Piece Omnibus vol.1 – 4
One Piece vol.13
Otomen vol.1
Pokemon vol.1-3(of 4) by, Toshihiro Ono
Pretear vol.1-4(complete)
Princess Tutu vol.1-2(complete)
Rasetsu vol. 1(of 9)
Real Bout High School vol.1-6(complete)
Ristorante Paradiso (one-shot)
Rizelmine (one-shot)
Sailor Moon (Kodansha Release) vol.1 & 2(of 12)
Sailor V vol.1-2(Complete)
Saint Tail vol.1, 2, 4 & 7(of 7)
Samurai Crusader vol.1 & 2(of 3)
Samurai Deeper Kyo vol.1-24(of 38)
Socrates in Love (one-shot)
Shadow Lady vol.1(of 3)
Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro vol.1(of 2)
Slayers: Medieval Mayhem (one-shot)
Slayers Special: vol.1 & 2(of 26)
Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story vol.1 & 2(of 8)
Someday’s Dreamers vol.1 & 2(complete)
Someday’s Dreamers: Spellbound vol.1-3(of 5)
SOS (one-shot)
Spirit of Wonder (one-shot)
Stellvia vol.1 & 2(complete)
Strawberry Marshmallow vol.1-5
Suki vol.1-3(complete)
Tail of the Moon Prequel: The Other Hanzo(u) (one-shot)
Tegami Bachi vol.1
Tenchi Muyo!: Sasami Stories (one-shot)
The Gentleman’s Alliance+ vol.1-3(of 11)
The Good Witch of the West vol.1 & 2(of ???)
The Legend of Chun Hyang (one-shot)
The One I Love (one-shot)
The Return of Lum vol.7(of 34)
Times Two or x2 (one-shot)
Tokyo Boys & Girls vol. 2-5(of 5)
Tokyo Mew Mew vol.1-7(complete)
Tokyo Mew Mew: A la Mode vol.1 & 2(complete)
Tramps Like Us vol.1
Ultra Maniac vol.1-5(complete)
V.B.Rose vol.1(of 14)
Venus in Love vol.1(of 12)
What’s Michael? vol.1 & 2(of 11)
Wild Act vol.1-10(complete)
You’re Under Arrest! vol.1 & 2(of 2 released in U.S.)
Yume Kira: Dream Shoppe (one-shot)
Yurara vol. 1 & 2(of 5)
Zodiac P.I. vol.1-4(complete)


Be with you
Maid Machinegun
Oh My Goddess!: First End

Special Books

Fruits Basket Fanbook -cat-
Oh My Goddess! Postcard Book
Sailor Moon Scout Guides vol.1-5(of 5)
The Official xxxHOLiC Guide
Tsubasa Character Guide vol.1

Film Comics

All That Pikachu
Cardcaptor Sakura vol.6

Light Novels

.Hack//A.I. Buster vol.1-2(complete)
.Hack//Another Birth vol.1-4(complete)
Chibi Vampire vol.1 & 2(of 9)
Love Hina vol.1-2(complete)
Sailor Moon vol.1-7(of 8 volumes) by, Stuart J. Levy & Lianne Sentar


Hanami International Love Story vol.1(of 4)
Nabi: the Prototype (one-shot)

OEL Manga – (Original English Language Manga)

Bubblegum Crisis: Grand mal (one-shot)
Captain Nemo vol.1
Dirty Pair vol.3 (A Plague of Angels)
Return to Labrynth vol.1(of 4)
The Legends of the Dark Crystal vol.1(of 2)
WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy Hardcover Omnibus

Manga Magazines– (In English)

Animerica Extra (I’m about 10 issues shy from having all of these)
Manga Vizion
Shojo Beat (I have the entire run)
Shonen Jump
Super Manga Blast (Issues 1-25)
Yen+ (Plus)Vol.1 No.1 August 2008

Art Books– (Released in the U.S.)

Shojo Beat’s Manga Artist Academy
The Art of Hana-Kimi (for you in full blossom)
The New Generation Of Manga Artists vol.2 The Gensho Sugiyama Portfolio (This was released by the same company that does the “How to Draw” Series)
The World of Disgaea vol.1(of 2)

Japanese Manga

Ah! Megam-Sama (Oh My Goddess!) vol.1-13 & 15-20
Ah! Megami-Sama (Oh My Goddess! 4-panel comic) 4-koma Mini-Goddess Collection (Bilingual)
Bannou Bunka Neko Musume (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku) (one-shot)
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) vol.1-18(complete)
Code Name Wa Sailor V (Code Name Sailor V) vol.1-3(complete)
D4 Princess Phase vol.1(of 4)
Gunsmith Cats (Original Series) vol.2-8(of 8 volumes)
Hajime no Ippo vol.1
Hojin Exaxxion (The Cannon God Exaxxion) vol.1-2(of 7)
Kapoーn (>__<) vol.2(of 3)
Kaitou Saint Tail (Mysterious Saint Tail) vol.1-2(of 7)
Taiho Shichauzo (You’re Under Arrest!) Newer Omnibus? Editions vol.1-3 & 5(of 5)
YAWARA! vol.1

Japanese Film Comics

Ah! Megami-Sama (Oh My Goddess!) OVA vol.1-5(of 5)
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) R 1st Movie (one-shot)
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) TV SuperS (Season 4) vol.1
Gunsmith Cats OVA vol.1(of 2)

Japanese Special Books

Ah! Megami-Sama (Oh My Goddess!) OVA Continuity Script (Storyboards)

Japanese Art Books

Ah! Megami-Sama (Oh My Goddess!) Colors
Ah! Megami-Sama (Oh My Goddess!) OVA MOOK
AIC 15th Anniversary 1999
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) R Movie Memorial Book
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) S Movie Memorial Book
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) SuperS Movie Memorial Book
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) S TV Memorial Book vol.2(of 2)
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) Art Book vol.6(of 6) Materials Collection
Official Fan book: Lucky ☆ Star: Konata’s Equation (I think that’s correct) Original Text: オフィシャルファンブック らき☆すたこなたの方程式 (This book summarizes all the anime episodes, has character art and sketches. It also has full color art pages of the Lucky Star characters as well)
Sonoda Kenichi Artworks 1983~1997
Tenchi Muyo! 1st Movie Tenchi Muyo! In Love Art book (Similar in format to the Lucky Star & Tokyo Mew Mew book,)
Tokyo Mew Mew Official Fanbook (Similar in format to the Lucky Star & Tenchi Muyo! book.)

Chinese Art Books

These are the Chinese Editions of the Sailor Moon Art Books

Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) Art Book vol.1(of 6)
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) Art Book vol.2(of 6)


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      This blog does not currently cost me anything. You can get upgrades and such but that’s optional. WordPress is free, all you have to do is sign up. There are also a ton of other blogging sites most of which are free. I hope this helped.


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    I am impressed with this website , really I am a big fan .


  6. Cuckundu says:

    Okay sorry for the weird question, but: do you prefer the ADV or TOKYPOP printing of the Aria books? I have the first volume in its ADV form, and I think it’s much prettier than the TOKYPOP ones I have (2 – 6, and both Aqua). What do you think?


  7. Disney Heroes Seeker says:

    Hey Whitecherry5,
    Thanks for the info, I have look at

    Tokyo Mew Mew
    Elfen Lied
    Negima? Neo!
    D.N. Angel
    Chibi Vampire
    I am The following!

    Are there any some others that are really good? I will not want to check out Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach or One particular Piece given that I have tried using them and never like them. If somebody could reccomend a listing of positive manga books I’d definitely appreciate it. Thsnks ^^
    Good Job!


  8. hilarypham says:

    whoa, nice list 😉 i love how you organized between oneshots and serialized mangas! thanks


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