One Piece and a Laptop?

Hi Everyone!

No, the two aren’t related at all but I thought I’d talk about them in the same blog post. Open-mouthed smile

First things first, the day after I went to the Used Bookstore, (mentioned in my last blog post – to read it click here) my fiancée showed up at my house. He surprised me with the volume of One Piece that I hadn’t found at the bookstore! So now I have all four of the One Piece omnibus volumes! やった!(All right!)


East Blue Omnibus vol.3 (includes vol.’s 7-9)

I’m so happy because now I can read straight from volume one through 13! Whenever It is I get a new job I’ll be sure to buy more because this series is so awesomely good.Thumbs up

Several days after I got the manga, I got a laptop! I’m so happy because now, finally, I have my very own laptop.Winking smile I still need to get a power chord for it, but other than that, it’s good to go. I’m hoping to get the chord for my Birthday that’s coming up next month on the 22nd.

Well, that’s pretty much all for this update.

Thank You SO much for reading!

Red heartAmy/エイミーRed heart

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