Update – My Health and School

Hey Everyone.

This is a follow-up to my last post:

Long Time No See

My health seems to be improving. My heart is still “acting up,” but it’s behaving a lot better. Other than that my new school schedule is kicking my butt. XD I’ve been exhausted lately. I’m just having a lot of trouble adjusting to it. My time management skills are lacking a bit. I really thought I’d have the hang of it by now. After all, this is my 3rd week. Anyway, I’m so glad my heart is feeling better. The problem is still there, for sure, but it is better. I just simply followed the doctor’s orders. Now, if I could just work on my time management, then I could feel even better. 🙂

Everybody please wish me luck with this.

As always thanx for reading,


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