When it rains it pours

Hey Everyone!Winking smile

Lately it seems like my life is nothing but busy and hectic.

Really– there is just TOO much going on.

My niece is having a health crisis.Sad smile

I’m still looking for a job.

I’m about to start to classes to help me brush up on some things. The goal is to help prepare me for either a new job or going to college.Thumbs up

I’m having health issues of my own & I have no money to go to the doctor.

I Red heart having a fiancee but it’s not always easy…

Plus there’s like a ton of other smaller things going on as well.

It’s true.

When it rains…it really does pour.

Wow, I haven’t gotten serious like this in a while.

I hope you don’t mind me venting a little.

I prefer blogging about happier things.

Oh well.

As always,

Thanx for reading.


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