New Manga! Sort of…

On Sunday me, my mother and brother went to our storage building. I went to get out as much of my stuff as possible. The reason we even have it is because of fall out from the fire we had at our house awhile back. Having stuff there for this long is kinda stupid and proves how lazy I am. 😛 So, it’s about time I got my stuff out. So I did and what did I find? MANGA!!! (Of course I found other stuff too.) Months ago I thought that I sent some of my manga out to that storage building. After more & more time passed my horrible memory betrayed me and I wasn’t sure anymore. I asked my brother to check for me and he couldn’t find any. 😦 But on Sunday sure enough I found them. I am so happy and relieved that I did.

I happened to take my Mother’s camera out there with me and I took pics!

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So just to recap I’ll list those series here:

Claymore by, Norihiro Yagi vol.1-9 (NOTE: I don’t have this series anymore. I sold it.)

Dream Saga by, Megumi Tachikawa vol.1-5 [COMPLETE]

Mink vol.1-6  by, Megumi Tachikawa [COMPLETE]

I O N by, Arina Tanemura [ONE SHOT]

Full Moon o Sagashite by, Arina Tanemura vol.1-7 [COMPLETE]

The Gentlemen’s Alliance + by, Arina Tanemura vol.1-3 (of 11)

+Anima by, Natusmi Mukai vol.1-7 (of 10)

Beauty Pop by, Kiyoko Arai vol.1-5 (of 10)

Loveless by, Yun Kouga vol.1-7

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. lentes tag heuer says:

    Nice and thanks!


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